No more excuses to justify the lack of training.

There are no more excuses for training on vacation or for optimal warming up on boulders or crags.

Holes, slopers, dual finger holes, there is all that is needed on this small jewel of portable size and weight really contained just 700 grams.

Dimensions: length 480mm, diameter 64mm.

The depth of the external holes is 30mm on side 1, 15mm depth on side 2, the interaxle spacing is 350mm.

The depth of dual finger is 35mm,  the interaxle spacing is 200mm.

The edges are rounded for a better comfort.

The central zone is equipped with one hole dedicated to the single arm pull up, the depth is 35mm.

The top is dedicated to the rounded holds, there is also a little central sloper 65mm x 200mm.

Wood Type: Toulipier.

Anchoring is carried out by a rope (provided) which runs along the length of the fingerboard so as to be able to withstand the rotation. Please note that the holes are inclined to compensate the rotation.

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