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The idea comes from the ambition to create our own products, each one unique, that can bring benefits and innovation. Designed in detail, handcrafted one by one, they offer a wide range of training for a 360° audience. The passion, the desire to improve, the search for new emotions have led us to this result. We are happy to share it with you, an ambitious project involving many people without which this little dream would not have been possible. Thank you.

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Circle 2023

Welcome threedimensionality. It guarantees excellent grip but at the s...

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A Hangboard for everyone, Easy and Hard melts together. Careful planni...

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Strong Fingers

If you wish iron fingers, this is the right product for you. Strong cr...

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An hangboard to the power of fourth. It guarantees excellent grip but ...

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A new life to what was known (till now) as “waste” For thi...

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No more excuses for lack of training. This little gem has all it takes...

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Un trave di ottima fattura e qualità, molto compatto e studiato nei minimi dettagli adatto per ogni arrampicatore dal pricipiante che vuole cominciare all’esperto che vuole migliorarsi. Basta inclinarlo per facilitare o rendere più difficile l’esercizio.

Detail makes the difference.


Marco Zanone


Il prodotto è sicuramente di ottima qualità, il più completo e versatile, con forme e dimensioni diverse che lo rendono unico, insomma un’idea nuova che credo veramente possa portare un’ondata di aria fresca nel mercato del fingerboard in italia e spero non solo.

Provatelo è una bomba.

Andrea Zanone


Un trave da allenamento che dà finalmente spazio alla tridimensionalità. In questo cilindro rotante puoi trovare un’infinità di soluzioni tali da rendere ogni allenamento vario e stimolante.

Marzio Nardi


Got the chance to check out the Owl Climb hangboard. This thing is rad! It has a super clean and professional look, and it is easy to use and setup. It has a jug, pocket, good crimp, and smaller crimp. The great thing is it doesn’t hurt your skin but is great for getting blood flow into your fingers and keeping them warm in between redpoint burns. Highly recommend this hangboard! Worth buying and using. It’ll last a while

Drew Ruana