An hangboard to the power of fourth.

It guarantees excellent grip but at the same time preserves the skin thanks to its innovative manufacturing.

A truly unique product easy to install and use, just screw it in the pre-made holes and insert the Poker into the support choosing the face to work on.

Four faces created for any kind of training In a 100x100x660mm rectangle ideal for door jambs or for those with space problems.

The inter-axle spacing of the holes is equidistant to ensure optimal working position between elbows and shoulders.

The central zone is equipped with 4 holes dedicated to the single arm pull up, the depth spans from a minimum of 15 mm to a maximum of 30mm.

The outer slots are distributed on the 4 faces and have depths of 25/20/15/10mm the distance between them is 530mm.

The depth of dual finger and single finger holes is 40/30/25/ 20mm, the inter-axle spacing is 530mm.

The edges are rounded for a better comfort.

The central area features two big slopers (35° degrees) and two half-circles (100mm diameter)

Wood Type: Toulipier.

The Poker comes with his support his brackets with mounting holes, suitable for both wall and panel anchoring.

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