Circular fingerboard, made by tulipier wood.

  • owlclimb_circle_front

It guarantees excellent grip but at the same time preserves the skin thanks to its innovative manufacturing.

The interaxle spacing of the holes is equidistant to ensure optimal working position between elbows and shoulders.

Various adjustable tilting possibilities of 10° at a time in both directions will be able to meet any user’s needs for a 360° workout.

The central zone is equipped with 6 holes dedicated to the single arm pull up, the depth spans from a minimum of 15 mm to a maximum of 40mm.

The outer holes have depths of 25/20/15mm the distance between them is 530mm.

The depth of dual finger and single finger holes is  40/ 25/ 20mm, the interaxle spacing is 340mm.

The edges are rounded for a better comfort.

The top is dedicated to the slopers and semicircles with inclinations ranging from 0° to 90°, making things difficult even for more experts.

Last but not least in the back are two embedded m10 threaded plates that leave the possibility of placing your own holds, of course even on this face you have the possibility of tilting the facade as you like.

The Circle comes with the graduated disk and his brackets with mounting holes, suitable for both wall and panel anchoring, already equipped with a lanyard / elastic pulleys or drainage system.

The Owl Climb Half Spheres and the Owl Climb Pinches are also available and ready to be mounted on the fingerboard, comes with m10 screws.

In comes with 150mm supports studied for door jambs and structures spaced from the wall.

150mm support

For info and estimates please  contact us

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